Zacchary Bird
Zacchary Bird
Quirky, indulgent vegan recipes.

My freelance and contracted event work is listed here.

Employment Summary (Sales, Events and Social Media)

Dec 2014 – June 2015                   General Manager (Product)               Amazing Kids Parties (AUS + NZ)                 

Feb 2014 – Dec 2014                    Business Unit Manager

The new position of General Manager (Product) was created to reflect the expansion of my leadership responsibilities, with oversight over the HR, Events and Product Management facets of the company in Australia and New Zealand.

-      HR and Training Management for Australia and New Zealand staff in metro and rural locations. Responsibilities included: end-to-end recruitment and on-boarding for all staff (100+); training in person or remotely (via skype or an-app modules); performing periodical reviews and implementing programs for individual staff members to enhance performance. The key innovations that I instituted during this time were a group interview process (processing 5-30 applicants at a time), refining recruitment management systems and creative solutions to emergency staffing situations

-        Account Management for all major corporate clients incl. Toys R Us, Pumpkin Patch, Chatterbrand, Google Australia, Target, McDonalds, Camp Australia and Asian Cup. Roles included: event quoting; staff briefing and management; client liaising; competition prize fulfilment; in-store activation co-ordination, as well as overseeing all events booking by corporate clients. An increase in the frequency of client engagement of the company's services can be attributed to the value I placed on strengthening pre-existing clientele relationships

-        Product Management included oversight of the development of new products and managing third party product acquisition. Additional responsibilities involved: quality control and reporting; creative consultation; and execution. This led to: an expansion of in-house and third party services offered; a larger selection of cross-selling options and a greater emphasis on monitoring and responding to customer feedback.. By reviewing quality reports by location and product, I was able to also pinpoint problem areas in the company's services and ensure feedback was consistent for all private events

-        Event and Operations Management. I served as the primary event manager for all large events conducted by the company. This comprised of managing multi-state event series, managing staff and operations for all New Zealand events

-        Business Development and Sales. This was achieved through: following up existing leads; leading a large team to execute lead generation; managing sales enquiries; writing EDMs and social media/blog content; making executive calls on event quoting; payment management and follow up. I also had the responsibility of implementing initiatives to ensure the sales team hit various week-to-week KPIs and to improve sales processes. As a result, I was able to secure consistent multi-state and multi-national event series from the company's largest clients, consequently, the team was able to procure a 50% increase in weekly booking capacity, inclusive of corporate and private events.


May 2012 – Aug 2013      Events & Promotions Manager       GH Hotel, St Kilda     

-        Function Management included: sourcing booking enquiries; showing of spaces and securing bookings; supervision of all private and corporate events; managing staff and third party event hires; overseeing of the door system and nightclub guest lists; managing the VIP section and guest list; and serving as an on-site point of contact for any issues

-        Digital Presence Management included: social media management (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), website (content and event listings); third party advertising (print and digital); introduction of an app (LOKE) to increase recurring patronage; graphic creation; database marketing (EDM and event specific); writing press releases; and designing competitions to further management objectives

-        Event Management included: collaborating with brands to create in-venue promotions; sourcing third party companies to host events to fill the annual schedule; writing and executing advertising for all nightclub events; management of event staff; executing week-night events; door management and oversight of events from planning through to reporting


Jan 2012 – Jan 2013      Promotions Manager       Nena & Pasadena     

-        Social Media included: furthering the reach of the campaigns previously only promoted through digital means; writing posts for and monitoring the Facebook handle; reporting on Facebook metrics; growing 'likes'; and managing the live aspects of brand collaborations

-        Campaign Design included: conceptualizing, pitching and producing nightclub tie-ins across Melbourne's social calendar to compliment the digital marketing of the brand; establishing and maintaining relationships with venues; overseeing events and event staff; and reporting on campaigns

-        Staff Management at various high profile venues for an event series of activations, including: recruiting, hiring, coordination and payroll.


Dec 2007 – Jan 2010      2IC/Sales Assistant        Sanity Entertainment   

-        Sales and Training included: consistently ranking #1 in KPIs for Far North Queensland stores; providing sales assistance; training new staff; and monitoring their progress in learning POS and product knowledge.

-        Merchandising and stocktake included: maintaining a year-round schedule of in-store rebranding; ensuring accurate stocktake information, and using the disc filing system to increase product security.



- Dec 2010 - July 2011 as cruise attendant/excursion assistant on the Coral Princess expedition cruise liner in New Zealand and the Australian Kimberly.

- Winner of 2008 Australia-Japan Society Scholarship to Minami-cho in the Tokushima prefecture of Japan

- Winner of 2006 Art Scholarship to St Andrew's Catholic College, Cairns QLD