Zacchary Bird
Zacchary Bird
Quirky, indulgent vegan recipes.




Through years of recipe development, catering, being a vegan private cook and interacting with mortals of all kinds - I’ve come up with some ripper dishes, tricks and hacks I think you ought to know about, all collected in Meals for Mere Mortals.

There’s 100+ pages holding 50+ recipes that range from dinners that will become a weekly staple to creatively wild vegan takes on classic dishes. Most are already gluten free or come with notes on how to adapt. Magic tricks include turning rice paper into a papadum in seconds, turning sweet potato into flatbread and turning fruit and veg into meat.

Recipes include:

Kale Chip Pesto & Baba Ganoush

Avocado and Tomato Salmon Salad

Rice Paper Hacks

French Onion Soup & Curried Broccoli and Almond Butter Soup

Caesar Salad & Fried Chicken Double Down

Spanakopita & Greek Salad

Beer Battered Banana Blossoms & Tartare Sauce

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Puttanesca & Eggplant Parmigiana

Kakiage & Karaage on Japanese Rice

Deep Fried Tarantula, Unicorn Steak & Mermaid Tail dozens more, including pages upon pages of thorough ingredient guides and tips.

It’s a cookbook you can read start to finish with a couple of laughs along the way, or just skip through to the good bits. I’m sure you’ll find something that comforts you, something that intrigues you and something that outright disgusts you. Not bad for a vegan cooking ebook, jam packed with value, at an incredibly reasonable price, right? This purchase comes with a PDF download so you can access the file anytime and anywhere.

I’ve tested these recipes on hundred of mortals and they’re real crowd-pleasers (plus a few crowd-alarming ones are in there, too). I’m really excited for you to try these dishes and learn why I think vegan food can do absolutely anything. Please enjoy Meals for Mere Mortals.

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