Zacchary Bird
Zacchary Bird
Quirky, indulgent vegan recipes.




12:00pm - 4:00pm Sunday 9th December, 2018

915 High St, Thornbury (Melbourne, AU)

Deep-fried is a class that explores all the quirkiest vegan things you can make using hot oil. This is not a health food class! You’ll learn how to make two exciting new ways to make fake meat and some sauces to go with. Spend your afternoon learning new cooking techniques, eating delicious indulgent foods and find out how to impress at your next dinner party! On the menu is:

CFC Drumsticks (Mock KFC Drumsticks from Jackfruit & Cauliflower)

Beer Battered Fish (from Banana Blossoms)

Aquafaba Mayonnaise, Tartare and Ranch Sauces

Deep Fried Mars Bars (KRESHO)

Each class starts with a glass of wine (included) and ends with a big feed. You can request a gluten-free version of this class.

If you’d love to attend this class but can’t make the date, never fear! Send me a message and I’ll let you know first when it’s next available.

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