Zacchary Bird
Zacchary Bird
Quirky, indulgent vegan recipes.





Join Zacchary Bird to fight the myth that all vegan food needs to be “healthy” by learning a variety of cooking techniques and copycat recipes that’ll impress anyone you cook for. Class held at MAKER in Petersham, Sydney.

This class teaches you how to embrace your hedonistic side at home by learning how to master deep fried vegan meats as well as super sugary treats.

Discover how to turn hearts of palm and jackfruit into crab cakes and KFC drumsticks - edible bone and all!

Learn how to make ice cream at home out of dairy free Nutella you’ve made yourself!

On The Menu

  • CFC Drumsticks - The original! A vegan take on KFC drumsticks with an edible cauliflower bone and jackfruit meat.

  • Crab Cakes - Use hearts of palm and old bay spice to create this U.S. savoury treat covered in dill, tahini and lemon and served with a fried dill pickle.

  • Copycat NutellaThis isn’t a healthy twist. This is classic, sugary Nutella but without the milk powder and palm oil!

  • Nutella Ice Cream - Watch how to make an ice cream base, use the Nutella you’ve just learned how to make and churn it into Nutella ice cream!

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